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tumblr will find a way to be offended about anything

it’s breeding a generation of people who need to be coddled and protected from life, growing up believing that everyone should hold up a metaphorical sign saying ‘TRIGGER WARNING’ before anything that might be considered offensive (everything)


I agree that people sometimes go out of their way to look for things to be offended by, but trigger warnings don’t exist to coddle uptight or humorless people. Trigger warnings are entirely necessary for some people because certain things are actually very traumatic for them to see and can cause serious emotional and mental pain (even causing very unpleasant physical side-effects). 

I think it’s really important to point out that there’s a difference between someone getting offended by a distasteful joke or graphic image, and someone being triggered to the point of bawling their eyes out, having chest pains, hyperventilating, and having horrific flashbacks to a traumatizing event. Trigger warnings exist to protect those people from experiencing something that is truly horrifying and completely preventable.

I’d also like to point out really quick that while I have a fairly dark sense of humor and am usually out of fucks, I see nothing wrong with people being more sensitive to the feelings of others and thinking about how their words/actions may affect them. What’s so wrong with that?


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