Does anyone else get annoyed by the song ‘Cassie’ by Flyleaf?

I mean, with the historical inaccuracies based on the day of the massacre and the blatant exploitation of people killed in Columbine for a religious agenda. It bothers me a hell of a lot. So much that when I think about it, my whole body tenses up with anger. Shame on people who placed the blame on music, movies, and other things of the sort. Shame on people who exploited these innocent people, their families, and a horrible situation to gain publicity for their television show. Or their new upcoming album. Or whatever other dumb fucking reason. 

Why else does this bother me?

Firstly because Cassie Bernall (the ‘Cassie’ that the song is mentioning) was never asked “Do you believe in God?” before she was shot and killed. If I recall correctly, Eric said “Peek-a-boo” before he killed Cassie. Now, according to police reports/witness accounts, Valeen Schnurr was asked “Do you believe in God?”, her response was initially “No” and then changed to “Yes”, and then her life was spared.

As for the speculation that her life was spared because of either response she gave, I’m going to have to take a highly educated guess and say no. Given the motives behind their actions that day and the apparent lack of regard for religion they both had, it’s incredibly unlikely that the aforementioned question/response had anything to do with the outcome of that situation.

I’m basically explaining this situation because the end result of Flyleaf writing a song about one of the Columbine victims without doing proper research is this: a historically inaccurate and generally ridiculous song about religion that gained interest by exploiting a horrible situation and all of the people involved. 

Fucking stupid.

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    I mean, with the historical inaccuracies based on the day of the massacre and the blatant exploitation of people killed...
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    Well you have to understand that that song was written early 2001-2002 when the ‘She said yes’ rumor was still floating...